About Me

My brothers and I started Bartlett Yardworks in 2007 when we were first asked to mow a lawn near Lake Metigoshe. We weren’t planning to start a business, but we're glad to help someone out. Over the next few years, two or three other people liked how we cared for their neighbor’s lawn and asked us to care for their lawns, too. We realized there was a need for quality lawn services in the Lake Metigoshe area.

The decision to start a business came in the spring of 2013. My oldest brother drove us around to tack up posters advertising our services. Packing a used lawnmower, leaf blower, and a used trimmer, we began to get calls and soon had as much work as our equipment could handle. A local landscaping company hired us to mow freshly laid turf and we were thankful they let us borrow an extra push mower. Meanwhile, we saved most of our money to invest back in the business.

Now I have some of the best equipment in the industry and am always trying to find ways to do better work and raise the standard of lawn maintenance in the Bottineau and Lake Metigoshe areas.

Thanks for reading about how I got started and give me a call if you need any services!


David Bartlett