The mowing package consists of weekly mowing, string trimming, edging driveways, sidewalks and patios and a final blowing off of all surfaces. If you chose to have full-service lawn maintenance, I keep an eye out each week to make sure the irrigation is working properly and everything else is looking great.


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Fertilizing & Weed Control


Whether you just want to get rid of weeds or want a lush green lawn -- we can make it happen.

To get the best results, we use:

  • Granular fertilizer for long-lasting effects with fewer applications
  • Liquid herbicide to control all types of weeds
All granular fertilizer has a slow release coating to provide a longer lasting effect with fewer applications and prevent fertilizer burn.

If preferred, we can also do liquid fertilization.


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Irrigation Maintenance & Repair


I take care of blowing out your irrigation system to prevent burst lines and other damage over the winter, and get it up and running in the spring. I also do system checks and repairs during the summer to ensure the irrigation system keeps working properly.


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Spring & Fall Cleanups


To help keep lawns healthy, I provide spring and fall cleanups to get rid of all the leaves that have fallen. I blow the leaves out of bushes and out from under other objects to make the lawn stay clear of leaves and help the grass stay healthy and growing. All the leaves are hauled away and composted to make sure your property is left in great condition. 


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Thatch keeps water and air from reaching the soil. Dethatching removes those layers of dead grass, roots and debris that's matted between the soil and growing grass. This keeps the grass greener and healthier while minimizing the chance of disease.


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Core aeration helps make your lawn healthier and reduces its maintenance requirements:

  • Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Enhances soil water uptake.
  • Improves fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Strengthens turfgrass roots.
  • Reduces soil compaction.

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Snow Removal


I offer snow removal so you don’t have to worry about shoveling your sidewalks and driveways so you can get to work and the mailman can deliver your mail. The way I determine if there is enough snow to remove is if there is enough snow on my driveway that I would want it cleared. Let me know If you would want a custom trigger depth and I can set that up.


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Ice Melt


I also offer the spreading of ice melt to get rid of hard packed snow or ice that has built up. The product that I use is 80% less corrosive than the typical rock salt, so it won’t damage the concrete or your lawn. The product also stays active for almost a week to help keep more ice from building up.


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